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I am often asked why I became a Chiropractor. It is actually an accumulation of several things but mostly one, big thing! Having been a golf professional in a previous life, I spent thousands of hours standing behind a counter taking tee times and just as many hours standing on the driving range giving instruction. Needless to say all of that lead to episodes of debilitating low back, hip and knee pain several times per year. Thankfully I sought the help of a Chiropractor friend who not only got me out of pain very quickly, but enabled me to strike the golf longer and more consistently almost immediately! When the time for a career change came…the choice was easy!

My Approach… Different.

There seems to be a scary trend these days among Chiropractic Physicians in which these doctors are “selling” huge recommendations of care for any and all issues. I have heard of a doctors recommending a minimum of 80 visits for the simplest of conditions! I take the opposite approach…you have pain, I figure out what is most likely causing it, I treat it adequately and then let you choose how often you would like to come in to keep that pain away! No sales pitch, no lecutres, just the results you want! I also offer same day appointments, most of the time, and you will have my personal cell phone number so you can conveniently text me for availability!
See you soon!

-Science Based Nutrition
-Ungerank Specific Chiropractic Technique
-PEMF Therapy

What My Practice Offers

In addition to Chiropractic Care, I also offer adjunct services designed to help you stay well longer.

The procedure averages 10-15 minutes but may be longer depending on treatment area and diagnosis. A gel is applied to the surface area to be treated. The applicator produces pulses as the clinician moves around the treatment area. During therapy, communication with the provider is necessary to identify treatment areas and monitor progress.

Advanced technology helps more patients by successfully turning on the body’s natural healing process:

  • Non-invasive
  • No anesthesia or numbing creams needed
  • No side effects
  • Same day procedure
  • Long lasting

Ungerank Specific Chiropractic Technique

 Dr. Ungerank developed a protocol which took the best ideas from all of the Chiropractic techniques at the time and designed a system of treating patients which was simplified, took far less time, and achieved results faster.

Science Based Nutrition

Science Based Nutrition™ is an innovative, science-based look at nutritional strengths and weaknesses through an individual’s blood test as well as other objective diagnostic tools.


The revolutionary, doctor supervised ChiroThin Program guides you through a 20-40 lb. weight loss, safely in just 6, short weeks! 


PEMF means pulsed electromagnetic fields and describes in modern medicine the specific application of unique pulsed, electromagnetic frequencies and intensities for the health benefit of human beings and animals. 

Dr. Tobin Lingafelter


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9920 Watson Rd #100, St. Louis, MO 63126

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What People Are Saying…

Doc Toby is my go to personal health adviser. He is open and honest. He treats you when you need to be treated and does not insist on a certain number of visits. He is constantly expanding his knowledge base and health services. His professionalism is unmatched.

– Rob P.

Walked in with migraine….walked out without a migraine! Thank you Dr. Toby

– Kate K.